5 best USB miner ASIC devices 2018

best usb miner device

By now you have heard of bitcoin mining and know all of the tricks of the trade to get the absolute most out of your hardware so that you can mine in the most efficient manner possible while mining for the cryptocurrency.

There is plenty of way to mine crypto-coins some are good some are bad, some are very expensive and some are low cost but the main thing is that larger you have a budget more you will gain profits for this mining world. If you are a newbie or want to start mining with less budget so I prefer you to start with less budget and then dive into the whole sea. There are many people lost their money because they don't have enough knowledge to start a big mining game. So I recommended to start with a less budget and buy some cheap best USB miner devices which are very easy to use and almost plug and play.

Different companies have set up so many different ways for you to mine for cryptocurrency that you won't have any problems finding a way to mine for cryptocurrency in the easiest way for you.

Best USB Miner ASIC Devices

I am going to give you a list of the best USB miner builds on the market today which will give you the most bang for your buck so that you can get the most out of your crypto mining. Also, I share your place where you can buy these USB miner devices easily.

1. Avalon Nano 3

If you want a really cheap USB Miner then this is exactly the one you want for your mining purposes because this USB is only around 20 bucks and will give you all of the tools you need to mine for crypto with a USB. This USB miner will give you are a 3.6Ghz hash rate, giving you a pretty decent bang for your mining buck. It's cheap, it does what it says and it will give you the profits you may looking for, albeit rather slowly by most people's standards. Pretty good deal if you want something on the cheap end and you just want something on the modest end of the spectrum. You can buy this miner from here.

2. ASICMiner Block Erupter

This is a best USB miner if you want to see how crypto mining works. Just like the Avalon Nano 3, you aren't going to get a whole lot out of mining profit fast out of this USB miner, but you will get to see how crypto mining works in its various forms such as this one. This USB miner chugs along at 330MHz hash rate, which will give you a very low-profit rate, but if you want to use it as an example to show others how crypto mining works then this would be a fantastic choice. If you want to buy this USB miner device click here.

3. GekkoScience Compac Bitcoin Miner

This USB miner, like the others on the list, isn't going to give you very much profit from crypto mining, but you will get just slightly better profit than you would from other USB miners in the market, plus if you get multiple USB sticks for this purpose and hook it up to a USB hub you can have many of these little babies running at the same time which will give you even more profit from the sticks, plus these are said to run pretty quiet giving you a nice all around device for crypto mining. This USB miner right on sale now, you buy it from here.

4. FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner

The FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner for Scrypt Algorithm Cryptocurrencies is an easy to use and simple plug and play device, also low-cost USB miner device. They introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrency mining with his intelligent design. The Moonlander 2 is currently the most powerful, efficient and low electricity consuming USB miner available on the market today, allowing you to mine scrypt algorithm based coins like Litecoin, at a hash rate of nearly 5 MH/s with under 10 watts of power. Grab your device from here.

5. Sapphire Miner

As of others, this is also a cheap USB device and easy to play a mining game. You do not expect to turn a profit but like of most USB miners, it may be a good choice to see how mining works. They have 330MH/s of hashing power and it will generate only $0.01 of power per month. If you want to buy this USB device click here.

Final Verdict

The USB miners on this list could all be considered the best USB miner in the market, but it really all comes down to taste and what exactly you want from a USB miner for your own particular needs.

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