Profitable Monero Mining Rig Producing 4740 Hs

Monero Mining Rig

Monero Mining RigI hope you guys are having a great day, I had a lot of requests to make a post about Monero Mining Rig and what can this monero mining rig actually produce a day so today i'm going to show you my mining hardware's which i used for my monero rig and try to figure it out. So I'm actually using RX 580 4GB graphics cards and MSI Pro Solution Motherboard Motherboard.

What is Monero?

Now let's talk a little bit about monero mining rig and how it's different from other crypto mining so basically Monero coin is very similar to bitcoin it is a form of digital currency transfer although it is practically untraceable is what you know. It's got very popular on the dark web it is totally untraceable apparently also its interesting coin to mine, these Monero coin are very easy to mine and very profitable so that's why many people Mining monero. If you guys want to learn more about Monero so i will suggest you visit to this website ( and read some more about Monero coin.

So my this particular monero mining rig build with the following components:

1. Motherboard | Cost $199|

2. Processor | Cost $50 |

3. 6x Sapphire RX 580 GPU | Cost $489|

4. 8GB DDR3 Memory | Cost $63.99 |

5. 120GB SSD Harddisk | Cost $52.99 |

6. Power Supply x2 | Cost $97 x2|

7. Riser Cable | Cost $65 |

8. Fan For Extra Cooling | Cost $19.35 |

9. Windows 10 OS | Cost 92$ |

10. Claymore Miner Software | Cost Free |

11. Mining Rig - Open Air Frame |
I build my own rig rather than purchasing, if you want to purchase i will recommend you this seller.

My total cost for building monero mining rig = $3500+
Hardware price changes every mean time so may it will cost you less than or more than this amount.

Total Profit Gaining From This Rig: 
GPU x6 = 4740 Hash Rate (Each 772 Hash Rate Produce)
Monthly Profit Generating: 363$
Yearly Profit Generating: 4,427$

Total profit I'm generating after year was 4,427$ estimated and only invested 2,983$ for building monero mining rig and dont forget to check my 8 GPU mining hardware guide.


  1. Good job on dissecting monero mining. Am just starting to get my feet wet. Thank you for the info