5 best USB miner ASIC devices 2018

best usb miner device

By now you have heard of bitcoin mining and know all of the tricks of the trade to get the absolute most out of your hardware so that you can mine in the most efficient manner possible while mining for the cryptocurrency.

There is plenty of way to mine crypto-coins some are good some are bad, some are very expensive and some are low cost but the main thing is that larger you have a budget more you will gain profits for this mining world. If you are a newbie or want to start mining with less budget so I prefer you to start with less budget and then dive into the whole sea. There are many people lost their money because they don't have enough knowledge to start a big mining game. So I recommended to start with a less budget and buy some cheap best USB miner devices which are very easy to use and almost plug and play.

Different companies have set up so many different ways for you to mine for cryptocurrency that you won't have any problems finding a way to mine for cryptocurrency in the easiest way for you.

Best USB Miner ASIC Devices

I am going to give you a list of the best USB miner builds on the market today which will give you the most bang for your buck so that you can get the most out of your crypto mining. Also, I share your place where you can buy these USB miner devices easily.

1. Avalon Nano 3

If you want a really cheap USB Miner then this is exactly the one you want for your mining purposes because this USB is only around 20 bucks and will give you all of the tools you need to mine for crypto with a USB. This USB miner will give you are a 3.6Ghz hash rate, giving you a pretty decent bang for your mining buck. It's cheap, it does what it says and it will give you the profits you may looking for, albeit rather slowly by most people's standards. Pretty good deal if you want something on the cheap end and you just want something on the modest end of the spectrum. You can buy this miner from here.

2. ASICMiner Block Erupter

This is a best USB miner if you want to see how crypto mining works. Just like the Avalon Nano 3, you aren't going to get a whole lot out of mining profit fast out of this USB miner, but you will get to see how crypto mining works in its various forms such as this one. This USB miner chugs along at 330MHz hash rate, which will give you a very low-profit rate, but if you want to use it as an example to show others how crypto mining works then this would be a fantastic choice. If you want to buy this USB miner device click here.

3. GekkoScience Compac Bitcoin Miner

This USB miner, like the others on the list, isn't going to give you very much profit from crypto mining, but you will get just slightly better profit than you would from other USB miners in the market, plus if you get multiple USB sticks for this purpose and hook it up to a USB hub you can have many of these little babies running at the same time which will give you even more profit from the sticks, plus these are said to run pretty quiet giving you a nice all around device for crypto mining. This USB miner right on sale now, you buy it from here.

4. FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner

The FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner for Scrypt Algorithm Cryptocurrencies is an easy to use and simple plug and play device, also low-cost USB miner device. They introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrency mining with his intelligent design. The Moonlander 2 is currently the most powerful, efficient and low electricity consuming USB miner available on the market today, allowing you to mine scrypt algorithm based coins like Litecoin, at a hash rate of nearly 5 MH/s with under 10 watts of power. Grab your device from here.

5. Sapphire Miner

As of others, this is also a cheap USB device and easy to play a mining game. You do not expect to turn a profit but like of most USB miners, it may be a good choice to see how mining works. They have 330MH/s of hashing power and it will generate only $0.01 of power per month. If you want to buy this USB device click here.

Final Verdict

The USB miners on this list could all be considered the best USB miner in the market, but it really all comes down to taste and what exactly you want from a USB miner for your own particular needs.

Raspberry Pi Mining Cryptocurrencies Is It Possible?

Raspberry Pi Mining

Raspberry Pi Mining:

Hopefully, You want to try crypto mining with yourself. But, you don't really have a good computer neither do you have a good GPU (graphics card), even with all of these problems you still want to get into mining bitcoin. Well, now there's a solution to your trouble.

You already learned how the blockchain and Bitcoin works, but now you want to learn actually about raspberry pi mining for bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies and is this works or not? and the answer was YES it works.

So today I’ll share you another easy way to mine bitcoin with using the raspberry pi and USB miner, which is cheap and very easy to use like plug and play.

USB miner for crypto coins:

Recently the GekkoScience made a really cool device. It’s a USB device with two chips from the end miner’s series from bitmini. This is a true script ASIC miner that works by USB, it has a USB connector and has two chips implemented on it that can use 256 shared algorithms at a single time, which means it can mine Bitcoin (BTC) and BitcoinCash (BCH) easily at the same time.

usb miner

Best of all, this is best usb miner and won’t cost a lot to run because of the fact it doesn't take much electricity and also it doesn't require the huge list of pieces of equipment, just a computer with the USB device and that's it.

It’s also very easy to configure just because it's so easy to configure it, you can get into mining easily and get to learn like how it works and what this device can really do. Even if you don’t understand the basic concept on how to use it, so there are still tons of tutorial available online that you can watch and learn from it.

So, that's a big advantage. If you don't want to spend like 3000$ on other expensive miners like Antminer Z9. You can just get this for, like $30 or less those are available in Bitcoin. Also if you want to try other best usb bitcoin miner visit here.

Raspberry pi device:

You can run the device on any computer you prefer with the help of a Raspberry Pi to even lower the electricity cost, YES you can use raspberry pi mining for crypto coins. This one single device has a hashing power of about 15 to 30 gigahertz per second, you can overclock it a little bit to get more which is quite amazing judging by the size and price of it. You can easily buy raspberry pi on Amazon see here.

Raspberry Pi

How to use Raspberry Pi Mining for cryptocurrencies:

It’s very simple actually, all you have to do is basically the first download the driver. The GekkoScience 2PAC USB Miner has a specific driver, You can download it from this website (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1764803.0). After download unzips it and installs the driver. Once that's done, you can go to CG miner (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=28402.0) download and install it.

Create a new DAT file, if you are wondering what a DAT file is then? It’s the start file to be able to start the mining. You'll be able to see the mining status and all that. Make sure to change them .DAT file configuration with USER and then pool to one of your preferred sites. You can just search Bitcoin or BitcoinCash pool and they will give you that information. You can check below video for more understanding.

Once that's done, you can just activate the CG miner file. This is on Windows, double click it and it will start raspberry pi mining. If you have any issues regarding the pool you created. You can always go back to the Bitcoin website where you initially got the pool from and talk on the current discussion thread about this particular miner and you'll be able to troubleshoot it there. Definitely, with less budget or easy to use, that is best USB bitcoin miner for startup.

Now it will take a little while to show up in your pool because this is a very small amount of hashing power. Those highly paid machines like z9 or similar can get you Tera hashes that are thousands of those in one machine. So obviously this doesn't take make much.

If you want to check and buy one of these best USB bitcoin miner and other cryptocurrencies device then it's on sale right now for $ 29.99. You know, I would really prefer to get a device like this at a low price just because it doesn't make tons of money.

In a few times, the device will pay for itself and that’s a plus point for me no matter how I look at it. But honestly speaking the device is more of a tool for you to try to plug it into your computer. Learn a little bit about programming, learn a little bit about how to mine, how the pool works, how difficulty works? You know how the reward program works and really have hands-on experience in raspberry pi mining.

I mean that's how I started in 2016, I mined like whole coins and back then they were only worth 200 bucks and today it's worth a lot of money and I should also mention that's, how I started with small, cheaper devices. I learned on them and then when I'm ready, I know how to calculate. I know how much it's going to cost me if I have a place for it.

So, I think it's a good practice for you and would definitely recommend for you to get one of this best USB miner device on sale right now. The best part of this device is raspberry pi, you can scale it on a large amount and earn some passive money from raspberry pi.

Want to learn more hands-on mining but on a budget?
I hope this raspberry pi mining and usb miner guide will give you some clarity and help you getting into mining cryptocurrencies.

Thinks which I used in this article:
GekkoScience 2Pac USB Miner $29.99 - https://amzn.to/2yiv9FW
Raspberry Pi: https://amzn.to/2zXNcTX

Pools that support The GekkoScience 2PAC USB Miner:

For software and driver information, please see the official Bitcointalk.org support thread.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me on a comment section.

Best Cryptocurrency To Mine Profitable 2018

Best Cryptocurrency

Best Cryptocurrency To Mining

What’s up, guys? I am here to talk about the best cryptocurrency to mine in the year 2018. Ever since Bitcoin raised its prices to over 20 thousand dollars the market is going crazy on how to get more electronic currency and how to increase their hash rates when it comes to mining. But if I were to tell you that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that you can mine in the year 2018 while it is the most popular and best cryptocurrency of all time but it’s not the only one.

When it comes to mining cryptocurrency in 2018, everyone has set up their different types of rigs and have different types of hash rates that are not essential to always be used for Bitcoins. If you don’t know what your mining rig is best capable of then you are making a rookie mistake.

So, I’m basically sure you guys aware of Coinwarz and Whattomine? if you are not familiar then here a little description about them “CoinWarz and Whattomine is basically a website that tells you about what the most profitable and best cryptocurrency you can mine with your current rig by comparing it Bitcoin. They have a lot of different variations that you can use to find out what your mining rig is capable of, you can visit their website for more information”

Now that you have a brief intro about what Coinwarz and Whattomine are if you head on to their website you will find at the top there is actually a space that you can use to modify the hash rate per algorithm and the wattage per algorithm. This is very important because every system whether its micron or Samsung are going to react differently to an algorithm depending on how you overclock it etc. It's going to change the hash rate and the wattage. You would be surprised that the discrepancy between the wattage and the algorithm can change per second as it goes from one algorithm to the next. So the best thing you can do is to pick up a kilowatt so you could plug it in your system and then head on down to whattomine.com click on the GPU tab and figure out what coin you should mine.

Best Cryptocurrency

Best Cryptocurrency to mine with CPU and GPU

First of all visit WhatToMine.Com you will see at the top the hash rate and just below that the wattage or in simple terms the usage for that specific algorithm. Now the big ones you need to pay attention to are ET Hash Kryptonite and Ecla hash you are welcome to try other algorithms depending if you don’t already see them at the top of their website. Now if you look down below you will see the list of the recent cryptocurrencies that are being mined through the algorithms at the moment for me you can see Ethereum at the top right now.

Best Cryptocurrency

The easiest way to do this right now would be to download nice hash miner software on your mining rig and when you open it they actually have a benchmark. So you can run your nice hash program setup and its basically going to run a query for all of your devices. Well here what you must be careful of it will show you all of the cards that you are currently using on your rig but if you hit the benchmark option it will automatically lock your pc down to kryptonite specifically which is Monero and once it is done it will give you all of the top speeds on no matter what card you are using. The hash rate and the speed will automatically be displayed on the application but if you want the wattage to show you have to be a little granular with your approach.

The second step you can do is to set your miner to the perfect algorithm. So open the miner and copy your hash rate paste it down in their search box and run the test. As soon as you’re done with that just put your hash speed below and find out the amount of kill-a-watt you are using on the current algorithm be it ET Hash or any other algorithm you are using at the moment.

Best Cryptocurrency

Now, In this article I’m using the NVidia and AMD graphics card separately so the hash rate I get in the two mines are more or less different than one another but if I have to say about the average amount I receive is probably 3000 to 3300 from NVIDIA and from AMD 1300 to a 1000 on average which is still pretty a hefty amount and if I were to combine these two it is more than 4600 at minimum just for the sake that an argument doesn’t arise.

Best Cryptocurrency

If you still want to compare your hash rate with the rest of the other miners you can head on to whattomine.com and just easily compare by inserting your hash rate and power within the other mining boxes placed there. When you click compare you will see that most of them stayed in the same spot without making any changes that are when you know that you are doing it right.

So let’s wrap up and this is how to find the most profitable and best cryptocurrency coin to mine for your mining rig and if you are wondering what type of mining rig.

I know we talked about the cryptocurrency coin to mine. But what about the most profitable coin to mine for your rig? Well, that's not technically hard to find out.

Things which I used in this article: 

Kill-a-Watt: http://amzn.to/2GJjin3
Nice hash miner: https://github.com/nicehash/NiceHashMiner
SOAT POOLS: http://sonofatech.com/mining-pools/

My Rig Parts:

Asrock H110 Pro BTC+: http://amzn.to/2xK5veW
Intel Pentium G4400: http://amzn.to/2GITLdR
Killawatt: http://amzn.to/2EMMRre
Crucial Value Ram: http://amzn.to/2onZEGG
Corsair HX1200i: http://amzn.to/2GGxpd1

And if you are wondering about what type of miner I am using well it is Nice Hash Miner with that I will wrap up the article. I hope you find the best cryptocurrency to mine with my advice beneficial and will be sure to keep you guys up to date with all of the latest crypto mining trends.

6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Guide / Low Budget

How To Build Cheap Ethereum Mining Rig Guide:

Ethereum mining are profitable these days many people are using different graphics cards for ethereum mining but there is some huge investment on build your own Ethereum Mining Rig, so i decide to make a short guide, which will helps you to build cheap ethereum mining rig with less budget. Once this rig is fully assembled and configure properly, it is capable of generating around $2500 yearly (Estimated) also you can check on cryptocompare as well. 

ethereum mining rig

So Let's started, below following hardware's you need to purchase.

1- Motherboard:

As we are building 6 GPU mining rig so we need a motherboard which is supported 6 GPU's. I'm using AsRock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard because this board have capability to run 6 GPU's and very power full for mining and actually this motherboard is made for mining. So this is cheap and best motherboard for ethereum mining rig. It will cost you around $93.
You can get this motherboard from amazon with free shipping here.

2- Processor (CPU):

You also need processor to boot your system without this you can't boot your system. So as we know we are using AsRock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard with this motherboard i will recommend you to buy Intel bx80677g3930 7th Gen this will cost you around $41 something.
You can get this processor from amazon with free shipping from here

3- Graphics Cards:

ethereum mining rig
The main part of any mining rig is graphic cards better you have better you able to earn. We need to choose best graphic cards which is produce high hash rates and consume low electricity. 

I'm using GTX 1070, this card generating almost 30 Mh/s of mining speed and consume only 100 to 110 watts. So I'm using this graphic cards because it's working very well for me, but you can also check other graphic cards which are working nicely for ethereum mining rig. Like RX 580, RX 480 and RX470! These graphics cards are producing 25 - 27 Mh/s and electricity consumes 135w. You can also check my Best Graphics Cards For Mining article.

So I'm using GTX 1070 graphic cards and it is totally up to you how much graphic cards you want to use on your ethereum mining rig. So these cards consumes 100 watts of electricity and they will produce 30 Mh/s of mining speed and it will cost you around $400 each graphics card.
You can get this graphic cards with free shipping from here.

4- Power Supply: 

ethereum mining rig
For Power Supply, I'll recommend you 1200W power supply for 6 GPU ethereum mining rig so I'm using some cheap power supply which name Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W 80+ Gold. This power supply is 80 Plus Gold Rated, offers 1200W of continuous power. It's the best choice to power up your ethereum mining rig. It will cost you around $209.
You can get this power supply from here.

5- Ram:

We need just 4 GB Ram, its enough for mining rig. So we use Kingston 4 GB Ram, It will cost you around $30 something, You can get this RAM  from here.

6- Hard Drive: 

We have just installed operating system and some softwares for mining so I will recommend you 120 GB it's enough for ethereum mining rig, so we use SanDisk Solid Sate Drive 120GB, it will cost you around $39, You can get this Hard Drive with Free Shipping from here.

7- Powered Riser Cable:

This is used to connect graphics card to the motherboard. It will cost you 7$ something, so we use DN Powered Riser Cable x6, This will helps for more efficient cooling and increasing the life of the cards as well as ethereum mining rig and possibly running at higher speeds.
You can get this powered riser cable with Free Shipping from here.

8- Case (optional):

I will recommend you to build your own case rather than purchasing from someone. If you still want to buy, so visit here.

After get your all hardware, now need to assemble all your hardware into your ethereum mining rig frame and setup windows 10, I'm always using windows 10 because I have never faced any issue with windows 10, after all that install claymore mining software and enjoy your serious earning with without wasting your precious.

List of All hardware's we have used for ethereum mining rig:

Motherboard: AsRock H81 Pro BTC  Motherboard / 127$

Processor (CPU): Intel Celeron G1840 Processor / $41

Graphic Cards: Radeon RX 580 / $699 Each, These days prices are too high

Riser Cable: DN Powered Riser Cable 16X PCI-E PCI-Express / 7$ x6

Mining Rig Frame: Build your own by from Amazon.

That's it, total estimated profits generating after year was $2500+ with this ethereum mining rig. Remember this is estimated earning amount, mining hardware prices and ethereum price are change time by time! I hope this short ethereum mining rig guide helps you to choosing best hardware for your mining rig.

ethereum mining rig

8 GPU Mining Rig Hardware

GPU Mining With 8 GPU's | Ethereum Mining Rig Hardware

Hi guys today i'll show you which hardware's you need to build an 8 GPU ethereum mining rig with the best working graphics cards and motherboard available. Building GPU mining rigs with 6x graphics card are so old these days many people are trying to build rigs with 7, 8 or even 10 graphics cards, but there is some issues with 8 GPU rig, mostly motherboard not supporting 8 GPU but there are few like Asus Z270-A motherboard which we are using today.

GPU Mining

GPU Mining or Ethereum Mining Rig 

So lets started building GPU mining rig! Here's everything we need to build the rig,

Graphics Cards: Choosing best graphics cards are more difficult because mostly cards are out of stock or increasing huge prices in mean time so in below ill recommend few graphics cards which are working good with there mining speed and electricity consumes.

GeForce GTX 1070: AMD Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 580 graphics cards are sold out generally all around! we are all mining Ethereum on re-appropriated time and rather than waiting on AMD Radeon RX 480/580 cards to come into stock you might need to look around some other cards available. So I found GeForce GTX 1070 had really good hashrate producing with us indicating 27 mh/s of mining speed.
Radeon Rx 580: Producing 29 mh/s of mining speed and consume 135 watts of electricity.
Radeon Rx 480: Producing 27 mh/s of mining speed and consume 150 watts of electricity.
Radeon Rx 470: Producing 28 mh/s of mining speed and consume 140 watts of electricity.
Radeon R9 390: Producing 30 mh/s of mining speed and consume 250 watts of electricity.
Sapphire R9 290x: Producing 30 mh of mining speed and consume 290 watts of electricity.

Motherboard: Asus primes Z270-A motherboard which supported 8 GPU mining, this particular motherboard has 7x PCI-E slots and two M.2 slots for SSDs that can be converted to PCI-E connectors for additional video cards. You need PCI-Express adapter inserted to the one of M.2 slots so that will work with 8 gpu. There are some other motherboard are also available for 8 GPU mining, which are listed below.

Processor (CPU): We are using G3900 Skylake Celeron processor for this motherboard.

M.2 PCIe Extenders: As mention above, in this particular motherboard have 7 PCI-E slot we need PCI-Express extenders for M.2 slots, Than it will capable to run 8 GPU mining.

Power Supply: 2X EVGA 750 watts power supply + dual link cable, We are going to use 2x 750 watt power supple for this particular GPU mining rig and single dual PSU link cable, so with this cable you will connect the two power supplies together with using the dual link cable.

Hard Drive: 128 GB SATA 3 SSD, This is for installing operating system and mining software, so this purpose we are using 128 GB SATA 3 SSD!

Ram: We have to only run mining software so we don't need high ram, 4 GB DDR4 Ram is enough for ethereum mining rig and i recommend to use Claymore Mining Software, it is simple and very easy to use.

RSIERS: These are use to connect multiple graphics cards to a motherboard by lifting them off and away from the motherboard. This will helps for more efficient cooling and increasing the life of the cards, as well as possibly running GPU mining rig at higher speeds, you can get from here.

Windows 10:  We are using windows 10 operating system and you can download drivers from here:

Cooling Fans: For extra cooling we used Opolar Desktop USB Fan, it is cheap and big fan for our 8 GPU mining rig, it is easily available on amazon and you can buy this fan from just 15$.

Mining Rig Case: I'm always recommended to build your own case rather than purchasing! if you still want to purchase so buy Open Air Frame Case from here.

Note: What you need to make sure is to enable 4G Decoding in the BIOS of the motherboard so that the operating system can properly detect and work with all 8 video cards for mining.

That's it, GPU mining are more profitable these days so many people are banking with simple investment on hardware's. This ethereum mining rig surely generate more than 1400$ profits monthly after successfully assemble all parts.You can also mine other crypto currencies like zcash, monero, altcoin etc with this rig.

Video: What is GPU mining?