What Is An NFT & Why Are People Buying Them?

what is an NFT

An NFT is an Asset that holds a digital representation of an in-game asset, like a game card. Players can trade their digital in-game assets freely and design games that are completely unique. The value of the NFT will come from factors like rarity, demand, and scarcity. For example, there is currently a huge demand for Pokemon cards because of the new Pokemon Sun & Moon video game which was released last November; players are desperate to get their hands on these cards because they know it may not be so easy to acquire them again later on due to its limited release. The success of Pokemon cards has sparked a wave of creativity in online communities, giving rise to trading websites that are dedicated to collecting Pokemon cards.

Another example that is catching the attention of the gaming community is the CryptoKitties game. The game allows players to collect and breed one-of-a-kind digital cats with unique characteristics. The popularity of this game has led to millions of dollars being spent on purchasing, buying, and selling these digital pets in exchange for a cryptocurrency (i.e., bitcoins). Today, the most expensive CryptoKitty sold was sold on eBay for over $100,000 USD (USD value). This is one of the first major NFTs to be created, but with the value of this digital asset going up, we can expect more and more NFTs to be created.

This may seem controversial, but it is important to note that the creation of these types of digital assets violates the rules established by game developers. So, why are people buying them? Some have argued that putting NFTs into circulation will benefit the game developers by giving them access to new revenue streams and eroding their efforts in developing games without offering players a fair deal. But this argument is flawed because the revenues generated by the NFTs should be shared with the game developers. Game developers have already established their own token systems (like Steam), so they don’t need to create another one. Furthermore, we can assume that if gamers are paying for a game that has digital assets like cards, skins, and items inside it, then it will surely be fair for them to get some benefit from these digital assets.

Advantages of using NFTs

1) Increase in Number of Players: If you release another new game, players who want to get in on a new platform will be more likely to purchase your existing games if they are easy to trade.

2) More Game Designs: Players can create their own games by using these digital assets.

3) Increased Customization: NFTs allow players to customize their characters and game worlds. The more the game developers release NFT-related content, the more diverse the content will be, increasing the demand for NFTs.

4) Decentralized System: NFTs have no centralized servers that could have been shut down like in many other games (e.g., Steam). They completely rely on players from around the world to trade and keep them going. You cannot simply shut them down by deleting one or two similar sites online like you can with a centralized system.

Drawbacks of using NFTs

1) Disruptive to the Gaming Industry: NFTs are only made possible because game developers have not come up with their own systems of digital assets in their games. They will directly compete against them, hurting the sales and profits that these developers have been making from their existing token systems.

2) Not an Incentive for Game Creators: With most NFTs, the developers need to purchase funds (i.e., a cryptocurrency) just to create these digital assets.

3) Difficult to Implement: The game developers need to update the systems of their games using an NFT. This is a difficult process that can take much time and requires technical expertise from the developers.

NFTs are one of the most exciting possibilities for future gaming, but we need to remember that it is still in its early phase of development. Players have shown lots of enthusiasm for NFTs, but this doesn’t mean that it will be adopted by game developers anytime soon (if ever). What we do know is that just like in real life, people will always find ways to play games even if it involves creating or buying digital assets.

Written by Joey Miller

Author at Finance 27, A payday loan company in South Africa.

How do you write a sow?

When you are handling a project in your business it will be crucial that you are able to prepare the right documents. One of the most important documents is the SOW. In this article, we’re going to provide crucial information about what an SOW is, why it’s important and how to ensure that you are writing and preparing it the right way. 

What Is SOW In business

A SOW is a term that refers to the scope of work in project management. With this document, the contracting officer or potentially a chief procurement officer will specify the deliverables and objectives of a particular service contract or project. This will often be included a section of the request for proposal. This is a document which will be used to solicit sealed bids from service providers as well as vendors. 

Using a SOW service providers as well as contractors will use the information included. They will then determine whether they are able to meet the objectives as well as the deliverables on a project. After taking this into consideration, they will then consider whether or not to move forward with a proposal. 

If a SOW is handled correctly it will greatly diminish misunderstanding and risk in a business. It can also provide key talking points and ensure that customers and contractors are able to enter into an agreement which will be legally binding. This will only occur if the two agree to work together. 

Key Assumptions

A SOW tends to be created after contract negotiations have finished but before work begins on a particular project. However, it is possible that for time-sensitive projects, negotiations will continue. If that’s the case then a SOW will not be fully finalised until work has begun. 

You should also not assume that every SOW is going to be the same. There are various different types of SOW depending on the industry and project that you are working on. Each has separate deliverables and a specific workflow. 

Ideally, you should also make sure that you try and get the SOW right the first time you write it. If you fail to do this, then there will need for Change Orders and this can increase the cost of a project.

How To Write A Sow

The first step when writing a SOW is to make sure that you are including the objective. This provides an overview of the project as well as the different objectives. You need to avoid language here that can be interpreted in different ways. It should be as clear as possible. 

You then need to write a full discussion of the scope. Think about the assumptions as well as the deliverables. You also need to consider each of these items in terms of both time tracking as well as different communications. 

If relevant you need to make sure that you are writing about the location as well as the potential time frame that is going to be apparent or relevant. Within the time frame, you should be working to ensure that you are including a schedule. This should include all tasks and be comprehensive as well as completely straightforward. It must be easy to understand. 

Make sure that you also include a section of acceptance so that parties know how it will be determined whether or not a product is acceptable. There should also be specified standards. This includes standards that need to be in place to fulfill the contract. You should also include workforce requirements and the price as well as assumptions. 

Many projects will have a variety of unknown factors. Here parties are going to need to make assumptions. Essentially, these are the conditions that are expected to exist within the terms of the SOW. Ideally, a SOW should be identifying as many of the assumptions as possible. This should also cover a contingency plan if the assumptions fail. 

Other Considerations

Remember, there are certain considerations that you must keep in mind when you are writing a SOW. For instance, it’s crucial that it does have explicit details that are clear to understand. You also want to make sure that you are showing processes with visuals instead of simply attempting to explain it. With visualisation, you can make sure that goals are indeed understood. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that a SOW is only a plan and perhaps best described as a list of educated estimates. As such, you do need to make sure that the timeline for your deliverables has space for changes in priorities and reviews. 

We hope this helps you understand everything you need to know about writing a scope of work. 

Profitable ZEC Miner and Best Equihash Miner 2019

Most Profitable ZEC Miner Till Now

ZEC Miner

Today I'm going to be reviewing the latest and greatest ZEC Miner (also knows as ZCASH) if you consider as profitability, that at least specification point of view. This is Equihash Miner machine names the Bitmain Antminor Z11 so that mining device mine equihash base coins like ZCASH, ZENCASH, PIRATE, etc. That work with the original equihash algorithm which is basically those algorithms that completely ignored by all of the GPU miners. But in this guide I'm mining Zcash you will know the latter why we choose Zcash.

So in this article, I'm letting you through this awesome mining device because we have a super awesome profitable machine now.  So first of all move on Zcash Mining Calculator for check profitability of this device

Zcash Mining Calculator:

The most efficient zcash mining calculator and the tool which I'm using the most is WHATTOMINE and ASICMINERSVALUE. These both tools give you an estimated amount of earning you will get from this ZEC miner.

Currently, in June 2019 this mining device generating between $17 to $20 a day and yearly around $6,325 before you pay your electric bill. This is an estimated amount maybe you make more or less but currently, I earned this amount.

Zcash Mining Calculator

How to Buy Bitmain Antminer Z11 Also Know as ZEC miner?

You can't buy from the official bitmain store because they are currently out of stock but there is plenty of sellers here which are selling this Bitmain Antminer Z11 Equihash Miner device some are good to go and most are scammers as well so be careful from these guys because there is no such authentication for these sellers.

I will only suggest you guys buy from coin mining central or from Amazon. You can check and compare the price and go for it of course choice is yours.

Also, I would like to thank coinminingcentral.com as you all know that bitmain antminer z11 is out of stock now but If you want to buy antminer z11 you can get it from here they have in stock.

They are not selling for the next pre-order they have ones from the April batch in stock ready to ship right now. I've also reached out to some members in our community in order to authentication of this site and they have ordered with them. They have gotten them mining devices and it has been a good experience for them. 

What Coins You Can Mine: 

profitable equihash minerLet us talk about which coin actually you can mine of course this is equihash miner so you will only mine those coins who will be using an equihash algorithm. If you are looking day to day profitability over the last 24 hours I recommended you to go with these two coins (ZCASH and ZENCASH). They both are making good profits right now for me. Currently, I'm generating around 18$ from ZEC coin and around 17$ something from ZEN coin with my device.

Now it is up to you which coin you actually want to mine with Antminer Z11. Also, there are some other coins you can mine like PIRATE or HUSH, basically you can mine any coin who using Equihash Mining algorithm.

Hash Rate and Power Consumptions

Antminer Z11 hash rate is supposed to be 135K sols which are a lot if you're familiar with the history of equihash mining. The price of this mining device was around at 1384 euro right now when I was writing this article. Well, this is a bitmain zec miner machine, so I guess you're gonna get a miner that gives you good money.

Power consumption of bitmain antminer z11 is 1418 as it is mentioned on their website and that is somehow accurate. What I got when I was checked it has shown me between 1400 and 1500 watts with the machine so I guess we can assume that it is right there.

Important things to know for my hand, here is that my average hash rate is 139K sols this is pretty good. It made pretty much always performs what they say. Antminer Z11 really do or better if compared to some of the other miner companies. In my experience, another machine underperforms like every time and bitmain over performs like every time, maybe I was wrong but the fact is fact.

Zec Miner and Equihash Miner Chart

Zcash Mining Pool:

So I'm using Zcash Coin (ZEC) for this mining machine. I'm using Luxor pool and I love them because they are pay per share so you're paid for each share submitted to the pool. What exactly does that mean well every time you submit to share you get paid and other pools, you've been submitting shares you get a small portion of that. PPS kind of pays you in advance and this is excellent because you can quickly get an idea of what profitability looks like. Also, they have a nice pool interface making it easy to monitor everything.

Zcash Mining Profitability with Antminer Z11:

If I say antminer is truly built for ZCASH then it is true because zcash mining profitability of this coin works amazing with antminer z11 as compared to other Equihash Miner. So move on to my daily profits, My daily profitability for that day I'm making around 0.216 ZEC and that was here at the end of June worth about $22.77 USD on that day. I was making $22+ daily profitability before I pay my electric bill and this device depending on your electric rate is gonna cost you probably between 2-6 dollars to run a day obviously that's based off your personality.

zcash mining profitability with antminer z11

Zcash Wallet

I'm just mining directly into my Exodus wallet. It's really simple and easy, one thing I really like about the Exodus wallet is it tells you the value now and then so.  Very nice looking interface and support were awesome as well.

Antminer Z11 Loudness: 

For being a two fan unit the Antminer z11 is not the worst loudest ZEC miner that we have bought as we know Z11 has two fans on the front and none on the back.  This is not the most annoying, sound it's not a high-pitched whine like we've seen on some other miners. But who cares for loudness if they generating good profits.

Antminer Z11 Over Cloaking

If you're wondering about overclocking Z11 miner, so you cant. They have locked it down from the core settings you cannot overclock this miner because this option does not exist, sadly :(

How to connect & setup Z11

First of all search for the Antminer miners IP, then power up the machine and wait for the normal green light to start flashing. Then download the software and install it after look for IP. Here is the link: https://service.bitmain.com/support/download and look for IP.

a. Open the IP search software, press start.
b. Press the “IP Report” button on the miner
c. The miner’s IP address will be shown on your screen.

After IP found, enter into your web browser. A dialog box will be pop up, just enter root for username and root as well for a password.

Now set up the mining configuration by entering your pool key and other credentials into "Miner configuration" then go to "general settings" That's it. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to started mining and for mining profits or stats visit "mining status" tab.

In the End, for me this is profitable zec miner and best equihash miner. I hope you guys enjoyed this short mining review if you did, please leave a comment below and tell me what you think hit. Your feedback is much appreciable. :)

5 best USB miner ASIC devices 2018

best usb miner device

By now you have heard of bitcoin mining and know all of the tricks of the trade to get the absolute most out of your hardware so that you can mine in the most efficient manner possible while mining for the cryptocurrency.

There is plenty of way to mine crypto-coins some are good some are bad, some are very expensive and some are low cost but the main thing is that larger you have a budget more you will gain profits for this mining world. If you are a newbie or want to start mining with less budget so I prefer you to start with less budget and then dive into the whole sea. There are many people lost their money because they don't have enough knowledge to start a big mining game. So I recommended to start with a less budget and buy some cheap best USB miner devices which are very easy to use and almost plug and play.

Different companies have set up so many different ways for you to mine for cryptocurrency that you won't have any problems finding a way to mine for cryptocurrency in the easiest way for you.

Best USB Miner ASIC Devices

I am going to give you a list of the best USB miner builds on the market today which will give you the most bang for your buck so that you can get the most out of your crypto mining. Also, I share your place where you can buy these USB miner devices easily.

1. Avalon Nano 3

If you want a really cheap USB Miner then this is exactly the one you want for your mining purposes because this USB is only around 20 bucks and will give you all of the tools you need to mine for crypto with a USB. This USB miner will give you are a 3.6Ghz hash rate, giving you a pretty decent bang for your mining buck. It's cheap, it does what it says and it will give you the profits you may looking for, albeit rather slowly by most people's standards. Pretty good deal if you want something on the cheap end and you just want something on the modest end of the spectrum. You can buy this miner from here.

2. ASICMiner Block Erupter

This is a best USB miner if you want to see how crypto mining works. Just like the Avalon Nano 3, you aren't going to get a whole lot out of mining profit fast out of this USB miner, but you will get to see how crypto mining works in its various forms such as this one. This USB miner chugs along at 330MHz hash rate, which will give you a very low-profit rate, but if you want to use it as an example to show others how crypto mining works then this would be a fantastic choice. If you want to buy this USB miner device click here.

3. GekkoScience Compac Bitcoin Miner

This USB miner, like the others on the list, isn't going to give you very much profit from crypto mining, but you will get just slightly better profit than you would from other USB miners in the market, plus if you get multiple USB sticks for this purpose and hook it up to a USB hub you can have many of these little babies running at the same time which will give you even more profit from the sticks, plus these are said to run pretty quiet giving you a nice all around device for crypto mining. This USB miner right on sale now, you buy it from here.

4. FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner

The FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB Stick ASIC Miner for Scrypt Algorithm Cryptocurrencies is an easy to use and simple plug and play device, also low-cost USB miner device. They introduce new users to the world of cryptocurrency mining with his intelligent design. The Moonlander 2 is currently the most powerful, efficient and low electricity consuming USB miner available on the market today, allowing you to mine scrypt algorithm based coins like Litecoin, at a hash rate of nearly 5 MH/s with under 10 watts of power. Grab your device from here.

5. Sapphire Miner

As of others, this is also a cheap USB device and easy to play a mining game. You do not expect to turn a profit but like of most USB miners, it may be a good choice to see how mining works. They have 330MH/s of hashing power and it will generate only $0.01 of power per month. If you want to buy this USB device click here.

Final Verdict

The USB miners on this list could all be considered the best USB miner in the market, but it really all comes down to taste and what exactly you want from a USB miner for your own particular needs.

Raspberry Pi Mining Cryptocurrencies Is It Possible?

Raspberry Pi Mining

Raspberry Pi Mining:

Hopefully, You want to try crypto mining with yourself. But, you don't really have a good computer neither do you have a good GPU (graphics card), even with all of these problems you still want to get into mining bitcoin. Well, now there's a solution to your trouble.

You already learned how the blockchain and Bitcoin works, but now you want to learn actually about raspberry pi mining for bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies and is this works or not? and the answer was YES it works.

So today I’ll share you another easy way to mine bitcoin with using the raspberry pi and USB miner, which is cheap and very easy to use like plug and play.

USB miner for crypto coins:

Recently the GekkoScience made a really cool device. It’s a USB device with two chips from the end miner’s series from bitmini. This is a true script ASIC miner that works by USB, it has a USB connector and has two chips implemented on it that can use 256 shared algorithms at a single time, which means it can mine Bitcoin (BTC) and BitcoinCash (BCH) easily at the same time.

usb miner

Best of all, this is best usb miner and won’t cost a lot to run because of the fact it doesn't take much electricity and also it doesn't require the huge list of pieces of equipment, just a computer with the USB device and that's it.

It’s also very easy to configure just because it's so easy to configure it, you can get into mining easily and get to learn like how it works and what this device can really do. Even if you don’t understand the basic concept on how to use it, so there are still tons of tutorial available online that you can watch and learn from it.

So, that's a big advantage. If you don't want to spend like 3000$ on other expensive miners like Antminer Z9. You can just get this for, like $30 or less those are available in Bitcoin. Also if you want to try other best usb bitcoin miner visit here.

Raspberry pi device:

You can run the device on any computer you prefer with the help of a Raspberry Pi to even lower the electricity cost, YES you can use raspberry pi mining for crypto coins. This one single device has a hashing power of about 15 to 30 gigahertz per second, you can overclock it a little bit to get more which is quite amazing judging by the size and price of it. You can easily buy raspberry pi on Amazon see here.

Raspberry Pi

How to use Raspberry Pi Mining for cryptocurrencies:

It’s very simple actually, all you have to do is basically the first download the driver. The GekkoScience 2PAC USB Miner has a specific driver, You can download it from this website (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1764803.0). After download unzips it and installs the driver. Once that's done, you can go to CG miner (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=28402.0) download and install it.

Create a new DAT file, if you are wondering what a DAT file is then? It’s the start file to be able to start the mining. You'll be able to see the mining status and all that. Make sure to change them .DAT file configuration with USER and then pool to one of your preferred sites. You can just search Bitcoin or BitcoinCash pool and they will give you that information. You can check below video for more understanding.

Once that's done, you can just activate the CG miner file. This is on Windows, double click it and it will start raspberry pi mining. If you have any issues regarding the pool you created. You can always go back to the Bitcoin website where you initially got the pool from and talk on the current discussion thread about this particular miner and you'll be able to troubleshoot it there. Definitely, with less budget or easy to use, that is best USB bitcoin miner for startup.

Now it will take a little while to show up in your pool because this is a very small amount of hashing power. Those highly paid machines like z9 or similar can get you Tera hashes that are thousands of those in one machine. So obviously this doesn't take make much.

If you want to check and buy one of these best USB bitcoin miner and other cryptocurrencies device then it's on sale right now for $ 29.99. You know, I would really prefer to get a device like this at a low price just because it doesn't make tons of money.

In a few times, the device will pay for itself and that’s a plus point for me no matter how I look at it. But honestly speaking the device is more of a tool for you to try to plug it into your computer. Learn a little bit about programming, learn a little bit about how to mine, how the pool works, how difficulty works? You know how the reward program works and really have hands-on experience in raspberry pi mining.

I mean that's how I started in 2016, I mined like whole coins and back then they were only worth 200 bucks and today it's worth a lot of money and I should also mention that's, how I started with small, cheaper devices. I learned on them and then when I'm ready, I know how to calculate. I know how much it's going to cost me if I have a place for it.

So, I think it's a good practice for you and would definitely recommend for you to get one of this best USB miner device on sale right now. The best part of this device is raspberry pi, you can scale it on a large amount and earn some passive money from raspberry pi.

Want to learn more hands-on mining but on a budget?
I hope this raspberry pi mining and usb miner guide will give you some clarity and help you getting into mining cryptocurrencies.

Thinks which I used in this article:
GekkoScience 2Pac USB Miner $29.99 - https://amzn.to/2yiv9FW
Raspberry Pi: https://amzn.to/2zXNcTX

Pools that support The GekkoScience 2PAC USB Miner:

For software and driver information, please see the official Bitcointalk.org support thread.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me on a comment section.