How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig with Cheap Hardwares

Let's Start Building an Ethereum Mining Rig

Here in this mining rig guide, we will guide you to selecting the best ethereum mining hardware, to get you very own ethereum mining rig. Once this rig is fully assembled and configured correctly, it is capable of securing the ethereum network and earning you real money in ether. 

We are using only one graphics card and cheap motherboard which is enough for this rig or if you want to try multiple graphics cards for your rig than visit my 6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Guide

So we need some basic stuffs like best graphic card, motherboard and processor, ram and hard drive, power supply and case for optional (you can create your own case easily or also you can use milk crate and similar things). So let's started!

Ethereum Mining Rig

List of hardware you need to build your ethereum mining rig:

1- Graphics Card:

Ethereum Mining Rig
This is most important hardware for mining rig. There are some good graphics card are available for there hash rate and less electricity consume like RX 480/580 but mostly are out of stock all around the internet. So we use alternate of these cards  with GTX 1060 graphics card. If you shop around, you can pick these up for around $300 to $350 and they will each produce about 24 mh/s of mining speed and only consumes 135 watts of electricity. Their price point and power consumption specifications make them an ideal graphics card for ethereum mining. If you want to buy graphic card visit here

2- Motherboard and CPU:

A motherboard is the brain of the computer and is what you build everything onto the base of your mining rig. The main feature you are looking for in a motherboard is the number of GPU slots it has as this will determine how many graphics cards or GPU's it can fit - and in the end your total hashing power. 3 PCI Express slots will mean you can fit 3 x GTX 1060 with a hashrate of 24 MH/s each - or a total hashing power of 72 MH/s.  This motherboard allows you to connect 6 GPU’s on powered PCI-e riser cables and since the CPU power is irrelevant to mining, we’ve chosen the cheapest compatible CPU on the market for this motherboard. We are used the MSI Pro Solution Motherboard and for CPU we use Intel Celeron G3900

3- PSU or Power Supply:

The key here is to have an efficient power supply that will save you over the long run in electricity costs. This is the industry standard for rating the efficiency of a PSU. If you are building a "mega rig" which has 6 GPU's you might find it more cost effective to have two separate power supplies because at 750 Watts and $100 each rather than a 1500 W and $300 dollars! We got a SuperNova 750w Power Supply because we have running only single graphics cards here! which you can buy from here.

4- Hard drive:

You need a hard drive to store your operating system and your ethereum mining software. A standard SSD drive will do work. We used the SSDNow V300 120GB, here is the link if you want to check.

5- Ram: 

You don’t need a lot of system memory to mine ethereum effectively. 4GB is about as small as a stick of RAM comes these days, so I recommend just picking up a cheap one for about $30. Which you can get here.

6- Case:

You can build one of these yourself with angled aluminum from your local hardware store. There are several custom case builders selling these as well. I can personally recommend the custom built cases designed check here

Ethereum Mining Rig

Assembling Hardware for ethereum mining rig:

First of all un-package all hardware you purchased. Now assemble your mining case than install hard drive and Ram in your mother board. Place motherboard in custom open air mining rig case and connect motherboard PSU connector (leaving PSU unplugged from the wall of course). Connect all GPUs to riser cables and fasten them to custom case. You might need to experiment for optimal spacing to keep the cards cool. Plug in all power supply connections. Connect mouse, monitor and keyboard and an internet connection (I use a USB WiFi adapter). Check all connections once more.  Install the OS if needed. Install Graphics card drivers. Install ethereum mining software. Make sure fans are fully functional. Start the ethereum mining software, tweak settings for maximum hash rates and let it run!

That's it finally you have made your own ethereum mining rig with cheapest hardware.


  1. for a rig with 3+ gpus is better to use more than 8 gB of ram

    1. It's up to you, I always preferring 4GB rather than 8GB,

  2. Thank you for great tips!
    How can you combine two PSU on single rig? Is this hardware suitable for 8 graphic card?

    1. You can combine with PSU dual link cable.
      Not at all you need different motherboard and power supply to run 8 GPU's for 8 gpu you can use Asus primes z270 motherboard and 2x 750 Power supply.

  3. Thank you for great tips! If you want to answer these question:
    1. How to combine to PSU?
    2. Is it possible to connect 8 graphic cards with mentioned motherboard and Cpu?
    Thanks in advance