6 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Guide / Low Budget

How To Build Cheap Ethereum Mining Rig Guide:

Ethereum mining are profitable these days many people are using different graphics cards for ethereum mining but there is some huge investment on build your own Ethereum Mining Rig, so i decide to make a short guide, which will helps you to build cheap ethereum mining rig with less budget. Once this rig is fully assembled and configure properly, it is capable of generating around 3000$ yearly (Estimated).

ethereum mining rig

So Let's started, below following hardware's you need to purchase.

1- Motherboard:

As we are building 6 GPU mining rig so we need a motherboard which is supported 6 GPU's. I'm using AsRock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard because this board have capability to run 6 GPU's and very power full for mining and actually this motherboard is made for mining. So this is cheap and best motherboard for ethereum mining rig. It will cost you around 125$.
You can get this motherboard from amazon with free shipping here.

2- Processor (CPU):

You also need processor to boot your system without this you can't boot your system. So as we know we are using AsRock H81 Pro BTC Motherboard with this motherboard i will recommend you to buy Intel Celeron G1840 Processor this will cost you around $69 something.
You can get this processor from amazon with free shipping from here

3- Graphics Cards:

ethereum mining rig
The main part of any mining rig is graphic cards better you have better you able to earn. We need to choose best graphic cards which is produce high hash rates and consume low electricity. 

I'm using GTX 1070, this card generating almost 30 Mh/s of mining speed and consume only 100 to 110 watts. So I'm using this graphic cards because it's working very well for me, but you can also check other graphic cards which are working nicely for ethereum mining rig. Like RX 580, RX 480 and RX470! These graphics cards are producing 25 - 27 Mh/s and electricity consumes 135w. You can also check my Best Graphics Cards For Mining article.

So I'm using GTX 1070 graphic cards and it is totally up to you how much graphic cards you want to use on your ethereum mining rig. So these cards consumes 100 watts of electricity and they will produce 30 Mh/s of mining speed and it will cost you around $400 each graphics card.
You can get this graphic cards with free shipping from here.

4- Power Supply: 

ethereum mining rig
For Power Supply, I'll recommend you 1200W power supply for 6 GPU ethereum mining rig so I'm using some cheap power supply which name Thermaltake Toughpower 1200W 80+ Gold. This power supply is 80 Plus Gold Rated, offers 1200W of continuous power. It's the best choice to power up your ethereum mining rig. It will cost you around $181.
You can get this power supply from here.

5- Ram:

We need just 4 GB Ram, its enough for mining rig. So we use Kingston 4 GB Ram, It will cost you around $30 something, You can get this RAM  from here.

6- Hard Drive: 

We have just installed operating system and some softwares for mining so I will recommend you 120 GB it's enough for ethereum mining rig, so we use SanDisk Solid Sate Drive 120GB, it will cost you around 64$, You can get this Hard Drive with Free Shipping from here.

7- Powered Riser Cable:

This is used to connect graphics card to the motherboard. It will cost you 7$ something, so we use DN Powered Riser Cable x6, This will helps for more efficient cooling and increasing the life of the cards as well as ethereum mining rig and possibly running at higher speeds.
You can get this powered riser cable with Free Shipping from here.

8- Case (optional):

I will recommend you to build your own case rather than purchasing from someone. If you still want to buy, so visit here.

After get your all hardware, now need to assemble all your hardware into your ethereum mining rig frame and setup windows 10, I'm always using windows 10 because I have never faced any issue with windows 10, after all that install claymore mining software and enjoy your serious earning with without wasting your precious.

List of All hardware's we have used for ethereum mining rig:

Motherboard: AsRock H81 Pro BTC  Motherboard / 127$

Processor (CPU): Intel Celeron G1840 Processor / 59$

Graphic Cards: Radeon RX 580 / 400$ x6 = 2400$

Riser Cable: DN Powered Riser Cable 16X PCI-E PCI-Express / 7$ x6

Mining Rig Frame: Build your own by from Amazon.

That's it, total estimated profits generating after year was $3000+ with this ethereum mining rig. Remember this is estimated earning amount, mining hardware prices and ethereum price are change time by time! I hope this short ethereum mining rig guide helps you to choosing best hardware for your mining rig.

8 GPU Mining Rig Hardware

GPU Mining With 8 GPU's | Ethereum Mining Rig Hardware

Hi guys today i'll show you which hardware's you need to build an 8 GPU ethereum mining rig with the best working graphics cards and motherboard available. Building GPU mining rigs with 6x graphics card are so old these days many people are trying to build rigs with 7, 8 or even 10 graphics cards, but there is some issues with 8 GPU rig, mostly motherboard not supporting 8 GPU but there are few like Asus Z270-A motherboard which we are using today.

GPU Mining

GPU Mining or Ethereum Mining Rig 

So lets started building GPU mining rig! Here's everything we need to build the rig,

Graphics Cards: Choosing best graphics cards are more difficult because mostly cards are out of stock or increasing huge prices in mean time so in below ill recommend few graphics cards which are working good with there mining speed and electricity consumes.

GeForce GTX 1070: AMD Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 580 graphics cards are sold out generally all around! we are all mining Ethereum on re-appropriated time and rather than waiting on AMD Radeon RX 480/580 cards to come into stock you might need to look around some other cards available. So I found GeForce GTX 1070 had really good hashrate producing with us indicating 27 mh/s of mining speed.
Radeon Rx 580: Producing 29 mh/s of mining speed and consume 135 watts of electricity.
Radeon Rx 480: Producing 27 mh/s of mining speed and consume 150 watts of electricity.
Radeon Rx 470: Producing 28 mh/s of mining speed and consume 140 watts of electricity.
Radeon R9 390: Producing 30 mh/s of mining speed and consume 250 watts of electricity.
Sapphire R9 290x: Producing 30 mh of mining speed and consume 290 watts of electricity.

Motherboard: Asus primes Z270-A motherboard which supported 8 GPU mining, this particular motherboard has 7x PCI-E slots and two M.2 slots for SSDs that can be converted to PCI-E connectors for additional video cards. You need PCI-Express adapter inserted to the one of M.2 slots so that will work with 8 gpu. There are some other motherboard are also available for 8 GPU mining, which are listed below.

Processor (CPU): We are using G3900 Skylake Celeron processor for this motherboard.

M.2 PCIe Extenders: As mention above, in this particular motherboard have 7 PCI-E slot we need PCI-Express extenders for M.2 slots, Than it will capable to run 8 GPU mining.

Power Supply: 2X EVGA 750 watts power supply + dual link cable, We are going to use 2x 750 watt power supple for this particular GPU mining rig and single dual PSU link cable, so with this cable you will connect the two power supplies together with using the dual link cable.

Hard Drive: 128 GB SATA 3 SSD, This is for installing operating system and mining software, so this purpose we are using 128 GB SATA 3 SSD!

Ram: We have to only run mining software so we don't need high ram, 4 GB DDR4 Ram is enough for ethereum mining rig and i recommend to use Claymore Mining Software, it is simple and very easy to use.

RSIERS: These are use to connect multiple graphics cards to a motherboard by lifting them off and away from the motherboard. This will helps for more efficient cooling and increasing the life of the cards, as well as possibly running GPU mining rig at higher speeds, you can get from here.

Windows 10:  We are using windows 10 operating system and you can download drivers from here:

Cooling Fans: For extra cooling we used Opolar Desktop USB Fan, it is cheap and big fan for our 8 GPU mining rig, it is easily available on amazon and you can buy this fan from just 15$.

Mining Rig Case: I'm always recommended to build your own case rather than purchasing! if you still want to purchase so buy Open Air Frame Case from here.

Note: What you need to make sure is to enable 4G Decoding in the BIOS of the motherboard so that the operating system can properly detect and work with all 8 video cards for mining.

That's it, GPU mining are more profitable these days so many people are banking with simple investment on hardware's. This ethereum mining rig surely generate more than 1400$ profits monthly after successfully assemble all parts.You can also mine other crypto currencies like zcash, monero, altcoin etc with this rig.

Video: What is GPU mining?

GPU Mining RX 580 Vs RX 480 Quick Comparison | Which One Is Better To GPU Mining

GPU Mining Rig Comparison: RX 580 VS RX 480

Updated: Now RX 580 and RX 480 Both are working. You can buy and use both card without any issue.

In earlier we order hardware's for GPU Mining and built two different rigs using 8-gigabyte graphics cards and both are Gigabyte manufacturer cards, one are Radeon RX 480 and the other is the latest RX 580. We want to compare both GPU rigs for ethereum mining and see whether it's worth to get the RX 580 at that moment or not. First, let me show you what the rigs look like!

GPU Mining RX 580 Vs RX 480 Quick Comparison

GPU Mining RX 580 Vs RX 480 Quick Comparison

Alright the first one is the Gigabyte RX 480 video cards and the other side there is RX 580 and there are six cards running on both of these mining rigs, also both of these are 8 GB GPU's for a fair comparison.

What happens is the result is not very encouraging at all, in fact right now I would say do not switch, do not buy the RX 580 yet unless you're experienced with a simple minor OS else you was not able to run six cards but if you want to run less than six graphics cards so may be it will be useful and I was only achieved via the simple minor OS, not Windows 10 and SOS. Windows 10 has the biggest issue and it's mainly a driver issue so the RX 580 is too new and the drivers are just not mature enough now unlike the RX 480 which has been around for many years and so drivers worked out great. 

GPU mining

Now as far as speed and in above screenshot, this is the RX 480 and each card produces 27.3 mega hash per second. now, these gigabytes for one not very minor fund leaf there don't get very fast average about 27.3 mega hashes per second and these all use Hynix ram.

GPU mining

On the other hand here we have the RX 580 and by the way all of these have been BIOS flash and the RX 580 are running on average about 27.2 mega hash something so close to 27.3 mega hash however the issue is the power consumption so the RX 480 running about the same speed same hash rate is only consuming about 80 to 84 watt per video card, however, to do the same speed on the RX 580 consuming about 100 to 110 watt that’s huge difference so I would not recommend RX 580. 

My favorite is still the RX 480 for GPU mining because it's just easy to flash and easy to work done and as you can see this is a cool card test rig on a desktop and it's each one is running at 30.9 on the other one is 30.5 so close to the 31 mega hashes now when you are running at that kind of speed a wattage concentrate this is going to be a little bit high we're looking at 100 to 110 watt for card but still great speed easy to work with RX 480 is what I would go with right now until the RX 580 drivers are improved.

The RX 580 is actually working on the 17.4.4 driver seems to work fine get the same speed though as the 17.4.3 so there's not a difference has obviously they didn't update it to make mining easier. The MSI is using Samsung brand, these are the basic unless RX 480 using Samsung ram and you can get it to about 33 to 31 mega hashes per second.


1. If you are wondering to buy the RX 580 for your GPU mining rig, right now the answer is no. It will produce similar hash rate at a much higher power consumption. 

2. You will not be able to mine with 6 RX 580 together in Windows 10, 5 of them yes, the 6th will crash your system. Maybe in a couple of months, a more mature driver will solve the issues. 

3. The latest two drivers were used to test and did not make a difference in hash rate. 

4. Gigabyte RX 480 8GB uses Hynix ram, while Gigabyte Aorus RX 580 8GB uses Elpida ram. Both cards after flashing tops at 27.3Mh/s, So don't get Gigabyte cards for mining. Stay with MSI, Sapphire or XFX.

Recommended Graphics Cards

I hope you liked the short comparison between these two graphics cards, i tested these two graphics card for ethereum mining rig for better result. So hopefully stay tuned to get more updates about GPU mining and mining rigs in future.

Profitable Monero Mining Rig Producing 4740 Hs

Monero Mining Rig

Monero Mining RigI hope you guys are having a great day, I had a lot of requests to make a post about Monero Mining Rig and what can this monero mining rig actually produce a day so today i'm going to show you my mining hardware's which i used for my monero rig and try to figure it out. So I'm actually using RX 580 4GB graphics cards and MSI Pro Solution Motherboard Motherboard.

What is Monero?

Now let's talk a little bit about monero mining rig and how it's different from other crypto mining so basically Monero coin is very similar to bitcoin it is a form of digital currency transfer although it is practically untraceable is what you know. It's got very popular on the dark web it is totally untraceable apparently also its interesting coin to mine, these Monero coin are very easy to mine and very profitable so that's why many people Mining monero. If you guys want to learn more about Monero so i will suggest you visit to this website (monero.org) and read some more about Monero coin.

So my this particular monero mining rig build with the following components:

1. Motherboard | Cost $110 | http://amzn.to/2rBUK8f

2. Processor | Cost $50 | http://amzn.to/2qsLXoy

3. 6x Sapphire RX 580 GPU | Cost $500 x6 | http://amzn.to/2tNhrXI

4. 8GB DDR3 Memory | Cost $63.99 | http://amzn.to/2qsknb7

5. 120GB SSD Harddisk | Cost $52.99 | http://amzn.to/2rcoVph

6. Power Supply x2 | Cost $80 x2| http://amzn.to/2rvqgow

7. Riser Cable | Cost $65 | http://amzn.to/2tFSs9V

8. Fan For Extra Cooling | Cost $19.35 | http://amzn.to/2rcRa7a

9. Windows 10 OS | Cost 92$ | http://amzn.to/2pUsM7J

10. Claymore Miner Software | Cost Free | http://bit.ly/2pPEu5d

11. Mining Rig - Open Air Frame | http://ebay.to/2qFwi8W
I build my own rig rather than purchasing, if you want to purchase i will recommend you this seller.

My total cost for building monero mining rig = 2,983$
Hardware price changes every mean time so may it will cost you less than or more than this amount.

Total Profit Gaining From This Rig: 
GPU x6 = 4740 Hash Rate (Each 772 Hash Rate Produce)
Monthly Profit Generating: 363$
Yearly Profit Generating: 4,427$

Total profit I'm generating after year was 4,427$ estimated and only invested 2,983$ for building monero mining rig and dont forget to check my 8 GPU mining hardware guide.

What's the best Graphics Card for Ethereum Mining?

Best Graphics Card for Ethereum Mining

If you are thinking of getting into Ethereum Mining and start building your own ethereum mining rig so this article helps you a lot for choosing the best graphics card for Ethereum Mining. The main part of the GPU Mining is the graphics processing unit (GPU). The better you have graphics card, the more you get profits from mining.

Ethereum Mining

First of all make sure what do you really want to optimize for?
Lowest upfront cost per unit hash rate?
Lowest ongoing cost (upfront + electricity)?
Best hash rate per unit electricity? Lowest heat (and electricity) per unit hash rate?

In my opinion, the best current GPUs are the following below for Ethereum Mining but the answer is more complicated and all this depends on the cost of hardware and the cost of your electricity.

Currently, the best graphics cards for ethereum mining is GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 after that RX 580 and RX 480 but AMD Radeon RX 480 and Radeon RX 580 graphics cards are sold out generally all around! we are all mining Ethereum on re-appropriated time and rather than waiting on AMD Radeon RX 480/580 cards to come into stock you might need to look around some other cards available. So my first graphics card option fot ethereum mining is GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 had really good hash rate producing with us indicating 31 mh/s of mining speed and only consuming 100w, below there are some other graphics cards which are working perfect.

List of Graphics Card for Ethereum Mining 

For the lowest electricity and high hash rate, one and only GeForce GTX 1070.
Hash Rate: 30 mh/s  | Electricity Consume: 100 watts | check latest price here

For the lowest electricity and high hash rate, AMD Radeon RX 580
hash rate: 29 mh/s  |  electricity consume: 135 watts | check latest price here

For the lowest electricity and high hash rate, AMD Radeon RX 480
hash rate: 27mh/s  |  electricity consume: 150 watts | check latest price here

For the lowest electricity and high hash rate, AMD Radeon RX 470
hash rate: 28mh/s  |  electricity consume: 140 watts | check latest price here

For the lowest heat and electricity per unit hash rate I would suggest R9 Nano.
hash rate: 28.5 mh/s  |  electricity consume: 175 watts | check latest price here

For best hash rate per unit electricity I would suggest the R9 Fury X.
hash rate: 33 mh/s  |  electricity consume: 275 watts  | click here to get

For the highest hash rate and high watts, possibly the R9 290
hash rate: 27 mh/s  |  electricty cost: 290 watts | check latest price here

For the Hash Rate and electricity + cheap cost R9 380
Hash Rate: 24.5 mh/s  |  electricty cost: 190 watts  | check latest price here

For the highest hash rate per GPU, the answer is the AMD HD 7990
Hast Rate: 44 mh/s  |  electricty cost: 175 watts  | check latest price here

Here is a link to a site that allows you to compare the different GPUs - http://www.mininghwcomparison.com/list/index.php?brand=both . Type "Ethereum" in the filter.

You don't need a fast motherboard and CPU but make sure you know about this, AMD CPUs use more electricity than the equivalent Intel CPUs but AMD CPUs are cheaper than Intel CPUs.

Finally Now it's up to you which graphics card you select for your Ethereum Mining. If you want to build your very own GPU mining rig and you are confusing which hardware is better to used in your ethereum mining than visit here. This article helps you a lot!